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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breaking the rain-induced boredom

What do baseball players do in rain delays?

Some college players find creative ways, like this “jousting” contest between members of the High Point and Radford teams.

Professional players like the Tigers are not immune to that type of buffoonery, either. During the rain delay at the start of Tuesday’s game vs. the Blue Jays (and eventual rainout), the Tigers were bored enough to play a little locker room hockey. Starter Brad Penny posted a video on his Twitter account of someone dressed in full goalie gear taking a shot off the facemask.

While all names were omitted to protect the innocent parties (as well as the less-than-innocent), you can bet that big-time Red Wings and U-M hockey fan Brandon Inge, who keeps several hockey sticks in his Comerica Park locker, was at least an instigator, if not an active participant, in the harmless fun.

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