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Saturday, August 6, 2011

A face in the crowd — literally. Gigapan technology, merges with sports, Facebook

If you went to the Tigers' Negro Leagues Weekend game on July 16, you'll be interested in this. Even if you didn't, you might, just because the technology is cool.

Here's a link to a picture taken with a Gigapan (gigapixel panoramic) camera from center field at Comerica Park. The overall image, made up of hundreds of tiny images, is spectacular, but it gets even better if you click with the magnifying glass over a specific section.

You can click down to a person-by-person level, and find yourself (or anyone else) in the crowd. Merge it with a social medium like Facebook, and you can allow people to tag themselves in the crowd (if you pan over the press box area, I'm in the center, with my head down, writing in my scorebook).

Check it out, and let us at The Oakland Press know what you think ( Our company may invest in this technology to bring these sorts of photos to you more regularly.


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