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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Highlights from the Tigers' magical comeback, walk-off win

If you haven't heard the calls (or seen the highlights) from last night's comeback win over the White Sox, here's the link to the video.

For my part, I'm glad they added Dan Dickerson's calls from WXYT-FM because, quite frankly, Matt Vasgergian's call on FOX's national TV broadcast flat-out sucked. Sounded like someone kicked his dog — anticlimactic and awkward to boot.

At least Dickerson's call reflects the drama of the moment, in what may turn out to be a very key night in the Tigers' drive toward the postseason.

From Ryan Raburn, who hit the game-tying two-run homer:
"Besides two years ago, in Game 163, that was probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time, just the way it ended, and the way it played out. I was telling some of the guys, if you don’t get pumped up after that, there’s something wrong with you. Because that was just an unbelievable game right there."

From Jim Leyland, who's got more than 1,500 games under his belt as a manager:
"It was a helluva win. A dramatic win. I don’t know that I’ve been involved with many — if any — exactly like that. Boom, a two-run homer to tie it. Boom a homer to win it. I’m not sure I’ve ever been involved in one exactly like that. ... Things happen pretty quick, as you saw. We’re winning, and that’s all you can say about it. ... We had two good at bats by two guys capable of hitting the ball over the fence at the end, and they both did it. It doesn’t happen very often."

From Miguel Cabrera, who hit the no-doubt walk-off to win it:
"It’s all about win(ning) games. We win games when we score runs. Every game for us right now is a playoff game."

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