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Friday, February 10, 2012

Would you wear this?

When the Detroit Tigers' official twitter account tweeted out a link to a picture of the new "Zubaz" style hat, my first inclination was a shudder and a public (teasing) "Egads."

Then again, the bylaws of the Baseball Writers' Association of America prohibit me from wearing club logo gear while on duty, so ... it's unlikely I'd ever don such headgear. But that doesn't mean no one would.

Would you?

We know Prince Fielder would have when he was younger — just check out this much-traveled pic of him sporting Chicago Cubs Zubaz pants (and a New York Giants Zubaz-print shirt) as a kid.

Maybe someday, when he signs with the Tigers as a free agent, we'll dredge out an old shot of Victor Jose Martinez with a Zubaz Tigers hat. Who knows?

(And if you didn't know it by now, nothing in this post was meant to be taken seriously, literally, figuratively, personally or internally.)

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