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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fister fine, passes 'every test with flying colors'

After getting hit by a line drive in Thursday’s Game 2 loss, Doug Fister insisted he was fine, and continued to pitch. He insisted after the game that he was fine, too.

But that didn’t mean the Tigers didn’t get him checked out.

They did. Thoroughly.

Manager Jim Leyland told reporters prior to Saturday’s game that Fister had indeed been checked out.

“Fister took and passed every test with flying colors. So he’s fine,” the manager said. “I hate to think anybody thought I’d keep a guy in there who was cuckoo.”

Start to finish, they took the matter very seriously — well, sort of.

There were a few jokes.

“I didn’t know what happened. I just know that it came in the outfield and Doug kept pitching,” left fielder Delmon Young said Thursday. “Then I found out it hit him in the head, so I felt bad for the ball.”

Even the manager got in on the wisecracking.

“I talked to him on the plane last night. He was sitting right behind his folks and I had a nice conversation with him. I’m a little worried about him because this morning he didn’t remember our conversation — no, I’m just kidding,” Leyland joked during Friday’s workout at Comerica Park. “He’s going to be checked out today. He will be checked out. ... I’m not exactly sure what time his appointment was, but he will be checked out.

“I think he’s fine because I did talk to him. I’m serious now, I did talk to him on the plane last night, and he seemed fine. He’s a little sore, but there didn’t appear to be anything that looked alarming like loss of memory or — he looked fine, his eyes looked fine, and the trainers have checked him out, so I think he’s fine.”

Even Fister had a laugh at his own expense.

“According to my dad, my whole life, his saying has always been if I got hit in the head, I’m OK,” he said. “So that’s how I’m taking it.”


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