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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rain delays middle game in Jays series

Seemed like any time we turned around in 2012, there was a weather delay to a home game.

The second home series of 2013 was no different, as the forecasts for the three days of the midweek series against the Blue Jays could be best described as: "bad, worse, worst."

The two teams got Tuesday's game in, without a hitch.

"I think the other thing today is, I was thrilled we got the game in. That was a huge thing, today," Tigers manager Jim Leyland said after the 7-3 Detroit win.

"The forecast isn’t the best forecast for the next couple of days. So I’m just thrilled we got this one in — we got one of them in for sure."

True to form, the start of Wednesday's game was delayed by rain. 

That was no surprise, given the weather report that Leyland had gotten from head groundskeeper Heather Nabozny, using the organization's weather services. 

"These next three days are iffy. But, if we get what we possibly get, or not get, we could all be iffy for the next three days. I’m talking about because of the weather," Leyland said Tuesday morning. "It’s iffy — which is about the report you get every year. It might come, it might not. It might be here by one. It might turn colder and be here by three. Tomorrow looks a little worse, and Thursday looks about the same as tomorrow.

"There’s no sense getting excited about that. We’ll see how it all plays out."


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