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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Perez makes good impression, maybe back later, if not sooner

DETROIT — Hernan Perez was sent back to Double-A Erie before Friday’s game to make room on the active roster for Iglesias.

But don’t be surprised if he’s back, later, if not sooner.

“Really impressed. Really impressed. He was getting better every game,” manager Jim Leyland said. “I think he’ll be a good offensive player. I think he’ll be a heckuva big-league player, myself.

“It’s going to take some time, but he’ll be good. He’s really a good-looking player.

“He’s got a nice calm demeanor about him. Doesn’t get excited. I was really, really impressed with him.”

That was something that was evident all the way back to spring training, when Perez opened eyes, after having a short cup of coffee with the big-league team in 2012.

“You can kinda get get a grasp of guys that are excited just to be in camp, and guys that think they belong there, and are smart enough to know that there’s a stepping stone. He filled all those, as far as I was concerned. I thought he stood out like a sore thumb, to be honest with you,” Leyland said. “Play. No secrets to it. Just gotta go play.”

He may not do that, not yet anyway.

Not with the possibility of needing to be recalled, should Jhonny Peralta learn of a potential suspension in the near future.

Perez has 72 hours to report to Erie, but he was still sitting in the Tigers locker room Friday afternoon. It’s likely he’ll stay with the team until after the suspensions are unveiled, or at least return quickly when the Tigers visit Cleveland the first three days of next week.


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