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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Unclear who Tigers' 'break glass in case of emergency' catcher is vs. Twins

DETROIT — With Brayan Pena suffering from a sore toe that kept him from finishing Tuesday’s game, and Alex Avila still on the seven-day disabled list for concussions, it thrust Bryan Holaday into the starting lineup for Wednesday’s game.

But who would replace him in the event of an injury, in an emergency?

Good question.

“That would depend on what the game looks like. Pena, probably, in an emergency, but he’s hurting. ... Pena could go in there in an emergency, but he should have a rest,” manager Jim Leyland said before the game.

It’s possible it could be Victor Martinez, who was practicing with the catching gear before the game, in advance of a possible start behind the plate in New York this weekend.

Or it could be Don Kelly, who’s taken his turn behind the plate in a blowout game before, back in 2011.

More than likely, it would just be Pena, though. He’d left the previous game in the ninth inning, after limping to first following a single. His toe was swollen up after he’d fouled a ball off it.

“I feel a lot better. I’ll be ready if the Skipper needs me for anything. But I’m still sore. I feel like the swelling went down. Still getting a lot of ice, a lot of treatment. I spent the entire night last night getting ice and icing and icing. Today the swelling went down a little bit but it’s still sore,” Pena said before the game.

“Oh yeah, every time they got the thumbs up from the doctor, that’s a very positive situation. Just the fact that today I woke up, I could move my toe. I was kind of scared last night because last night I couldn’t even move it. That’s why I couldn’t even land on my toes. I didn’t want to hurt my team, especially in that situation. But today we’re going to go out, we’re going to swing the bat a little bit and we’ll see. But if he needs me tonight I’ll be ready.”


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