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Monday, September 30, 2013

Postseason picture finally clear in MLB: updated playoff brackets

The schedule has been out for a while, but the combatants are finally set — even if there does need to be a one-game playoff to determine the second Wild Card participant in the American League. This is what the MLB postseason bracket looks like, with the match-ups lined up.

And, no, we don't have start times past the first two games of each LDS.

Monday, Sept. 30, TBS
Tampa 5, Texas 2
(Umpires: Tim Welke [CC], Jeff Kellogg [HP], Bruce Dreckman, Chris Guccione, Tom Hallion, Ron Kulpa)

National League
Tuesday, Oct. 1, TBS
Pirates 6, Reds 2
(Umpires: Joe West [CC/HP], Dale Scott, Dan Iassogna, Rob Drake, Tim Timmons, Lance Barksdale)
American League
Wednesday, Oct. 2, TBS
Rays 4, Indians 0
(Umpires: Gerry Davis [CC/HP], Ted Barrett, Mike Everitt, Greg Gibson, Phil Cuzzi, Brian Knight)

(Best of 5; 2-2-1 format)
American League DS
Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland A’s
Radio: 97.1-FM The Ticket (Dan Dickerson/Jim Price) and ESPN Radio, 105.1-FM locally (Michael Kay/Aaron Boone)
G1: Tigers 3, Athletics 2 [LINEUPS] [LIVE CHAT] [RECAP
G2: A's 1, Tigers 0 [LINEUPS] [LIVE CHAT] [RECAP] [PHOTO GALLERY] (series tied 1-1)
G3: at Detroit, Monday, Oct. 7, 1:07 p.m. MLBN
G4: at Detroit, Tuesday, Oct. 8, 5:07 p.m. TBS* (or 7:07 if Boston-Tampa series is over)
G5: at Oakland, Thursday, Oct. 10, 9:07 p.m. TBS* (or 8:07 if Boston-Tampa series is over)

(Umpires: Gary Darling, CB Bucknor, Mike DiMuro, Tom Hallion, Jim Reynolds, Mark Wegner)

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Boston Red Sox
G1: Red Sox 12, Rays 2 (Boston leads series 1-0)
G2: at Boston, Saturday, Oct. 5, 5:35 p.m., TBS
G3: at Tampa Bay, Monday, Oct. 7, TBS/MLBN
G4: at Tampa Bay, Tuesday, Oct. 8, TBS*
G5: at Boston, Thursday, Oct. 10, TBS*
(Umpires: Dana DeMuth, Eric Cooper, Paul Emmel, Chris Guccione, Larry Vanover, Mike Winters)

National League DS
LA Dodgers vs. Atlanta Braves
G1: Dodgers 6, Braves 1
G2: Braves 4, Dodgers 3 (series tied 1-1)
G3: at Los Angeles, Sunday, Oct. 6, TBS
G4: at Los Angeles, Monday, Oct. 7, TBS/MLBN*
G5: at Atlanta, Wednesday, Oct. 9, TBS
(Umpires: John Hirschbeck, Laz Diaz, Marvin Hudson, Bill Miller, Tim Welke, Hunter Wendelstedt)

Pirates vs. St. Louis Cardinals
G1: Cardinals 9, Pirates 1
G2: Pirates 7, Cardinals 1 (series tied 1-1)
G3: at Pittsburgh, Sunday, Oct. 6, TBS
G4: at Pittsburgh, Monday, Oct. 7, TBS/MLBN*
G5: at St. Louis, Wednesday, Oct. 9, TBS
(Umpires: Jerry Layne, Wally Bell, Sam Holbrook, Jim Joyce, Paul Nauert, Tony Randazzo)

(Best of 7; 2-3-2 format)
American League CS
(All games on Fox)
G1: Saturday, Oct. 12
G2: Sunday, Oct. 13
G3: Tuesday, Oct. 15
G4: Wednesday, Oct. 16
G5: Thursday, Oct. 17*
G6: Saturday, Oct. 19*
G7: Sunday, Oct. 20*

National League CS
(All games on TBS)
G1: Friday, Oct. 11
G2: Saturday, Oct. 12
G3: Monday, Oct. 14
G4: Tuesday, Oct. 15
G5: Wednesday, Oct. 16*
G6: Friday, Oct. 18*
G7: Saturday, Oct. 19*

(Best of 7; 2-3-2 format; All games on Fox)
G1: AL city, Wednesday, Oct. 23
G2: AL city, Thursday, Oct. 24
G3: NL city, Saturday, Oct. 26
G4: NL city, Sunday, Oct. 27
G5: NL city, Monday, Oct. 28*
G6: AL city, Wednesday, Oct. 30*
G7: AL city, Thursday, Oct. 31*

* — if neccesary


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