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Friday, August 15, 2014

Miguel Cabrera bobblehead dolls mistakenly identify him as MVP of the National League

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Miguel Cabrera has had an amazing couple of seasons for the Detroit Tigers.

He won a Triple Crown for the first time since 1967. He's won back-to-back Most Valuable Player awards.

Certainly worth enshrining him with a bobblehead doll, right?

Except there was one little issue with the ones given out to the first 10,000 guests at Comerica Park Friday night: The dolls — which had two little replica Kennesaw Mountain Landis trophies in its clasp — had "Most Valuable Player of the National League" printed on the plaques.


The company that manufactured the bobbleheads released the following statement:

"Forever Collectibles takes full responsibility for this error and we apologize to the fans. We are certainly disappointed this happened."

Since the dolls were prepackaged, the Tigers said they had no knowledge of the error before the giveaway.

The upside? It'll probably be a collector's item.


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