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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Upcoming rotation for the Tigers, as Justin Verlander rejoins the mix

With Justin Verlander coming through Thursday's light bullpen session fine, he'll slot back in to the Tigers rotation for the doubleheader on Saturday, allowing us to project the sequence out another turn through at least the following weekend.

Here's a look at how the rotation is likely to stack up going forward:

Friday, Aug. 22 — Robbie Ray, LHP
Saturday, Aug. 23 — Buck Farmer, RHP and Justin Verlander, RHP
Sunday, Aug. 24 — Max Scherzer, RHP
——off day——
Tuesday, Aug. 26 — Rick Porcello, RHP
Wednesday, Aug. 27 — David Price, LHP
Thursday, Aug. 28 — Robbie Ray, LHP (or Justin Verlander, RHP)
Friday, Aug. 29 — Justin Verlander, RHP (or Max Scherzer, RHP)
Saturday, Aug. 30 — Max Scherzer, RHP and Buck Farmer, RHP
Sunday, Aug. 31 — Rick Porcello, RHP

The next big question mark will be where to slot Ray back into the rotation, after Friday's start.

With the off day Monday, the Tigers could give Porcello and Price an extra day, then skip Ray on Thursday, and go with Verlander on five days' rest. The problem with that plan is that Scherzer would likely go Friday on normal rest, leaving the Tigers with the probability of starting two rookies, Ray and Farmer (or another minor leaguer), in the doubleheader at Chicago on Saturday, Aug. 30.

More likely, the Tigers will give an extra day to everyone in the rotation, allowing them to pitch Scherzer and Farmer in the twinbill.


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