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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Delmon Young won’t be back Friday

While Delmon Young’s MLB-imposed seven-day suspension expires before Friday’s game, manager Jim Leyland said the outfielder won’t be in the lineup that day.

But it’s just a matter of giving him some more time to work back into the swing of things.

“He needs to get back in the routine a little, you know, out on the field, taking fly balls, BP on the field, all that kind of stuff. So it’s very unlikely he’d play Friday. Now, would I put him in the game, if I needed to? Sure. But he won’t start Friday’s game. That’s the only reason, only because he needs to get back, get some BP, run around the outfield a little bit,” Leyland said.

“I think he’ll be in there very shortly. But, like I said, I want him to get back acclimated. It’s not like he’s been off that long. I think you’ll see him in the lineup real soon, but he will not be in the lineup to start Friday.”


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