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Thursday, September 20, 2012

More support for Miggy's MVP candidacy

Sometimes, you want to really string things beautifully together with striking prose. Other times, you just need to get out of the way of the quotes. This is one of the latter times.

So, without further ado, here are the feelings of some of Miguel Cabrera's teammates on the possibility of him competing for not only a triple crown, but also the American League Most Valuable Player award:

Gerald Laird on Miggy's sensational season, especially after having played with Albert Pujols in St. Louis last year: "It’s unbelievable. Whatever he does, doesn’t seem to amaze me anymore. I’m just waiting for what he does next. Being able to play with Albert last year, who was a great hitter, and Miggy this year, who’s a great hitter, I’ve seen them both, seen both leagues, and honestly, in my eyes, he’s the best hitter in the game right now, hands down. National League, American League. He’s proving that, every day. He’s going out here every day, and doing something big for this team."

Does that mean he's got Gerald's support for MVP?: "I mean, I don’t know — I don’t even think it’s a discussion anymore. He’s definitely the MVP of the league. To do what he’s doing, to get walked, and to hit balls out like he hit out tonight, I mean just goes to show you how unbelievable he is. I just don’t even think it’s a discussion. I know they want us to get in the postseason, but this guy’s putting up numbers that he’s never done before, and he’s just ... he’s unbelievable.
"It’s just fun to be around, and I hope he gets the votes that he deserves. In my eyes, he is the MVP of the league."

Alex Avila on whether or not Miggy has a chance at the triple crown: “There’s not a lot in his control there. It depends on the play of other guys. If he plays well, other guys don’t play as well or (Texas' Josh) Hamilton doesn’t hit two, three or four more home runs, you never know. But a triple crown is pretty crazy to talk about and what’s pretty crazy is people are talking about him winning a triple crown but that he’s second in MVP to Mike Trout. Pretty crazy. That’s pretty ridiculous.”

There are those who say that the triple crown may not matter in the MVP race, Alex: “I would like to meet those people who say that. Ask them how long they’ve been watching baseball. 
“I don’t even want to talk about it because it’ll get me upset.”

How does the reigning AL MVP, Justin Verlander, feel about Cabrera's season: "Unbelievable. He, obviously, has my support for the MVP. You’re talking about a guy who is one home run away a Triple Crown. That’s a rarity in baseball and that’s just a testament to how good of a player he is and his natural ability.
"Look at the ball he hit tonight for a home run. We were talking about that up here – a couple of guys – you just don’t see that. You execute your pitch, 94 mph, up at his chin and he gets the barrel of the bat on the ball and hits a home run. It’s impressive to watch. It’s been impressive to watch since he’s been here, but this year is really something special."

Justin, there's a thought that Miggy could win triple crown, and not get the MVP. Thoughts?  "Bull(bleep). Yeah. That’s ridiculous. When was the last time there was a triple crown winner?"

Ted Williams won two triple crowns, and didn't win MVP, Justin: "Who won it? Ted Williams lost because of ... Joe DiMaggio? Which goes down as one of the worst MVP votings of all time, in my opinion. His statistics weren’t nearly as good as Ted Williams.
"That would be a joke in my opinion."

So would it be a joke if the same thing happened to Miggy, Justin?: "Yeah. Hasn’t been done since 1967. I mean, come on. Just the fact that he’s one home run away is absurd.
"Just watch him. Watch him when we need him, down this home stretch."
There's a big discrepancy in numbers for Cabrera and Trout in August and September, Justin:"Oh, my God. You want to talk about MVP? Compare their numbers the last two months of the season. Big difference."

Jim Leyland on whether or not the MVP race should be settled solely by Sabermetrics: "Sabermetrics? Well. (Long pause.) I’m going to answer that this way. I will not use the player’s name, but according to the Sabermetrics there is a player that is better than Miguel Cabrera. So from the guy that gave me the Sabermetrics told me that, I said, ‘Well, should we trade Miguel Cabrera for the player you’re talking about?’ He said, ‘Oh, no, you can’t do that.’ And I said, ‘Well, then you don’t believe in Sabermetrics. And neither do I.’"


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