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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tigers have second-best odds to win 2014 World Series in extremely early line

Even with a new manager, the Tigers are expected to be a contender again next season, having gone to the American League Championship Series (or beyond) three straight seasons.

Just minutes after the conclusion of the 2013 World Series, odds for the potential 2014 winners came out.

The Tigers hold 8-to-1 odds to win the World Series, behind only the Los Angeles Dodgers (5-to-1). The defending World Series champion Red Sox are fifth at 12-to-1, while the defending National League pennant-winning St. Louis Cardinals are fourth at 10-to-1.

Last year, the Tigers were installed as 6-to-1 favorites in the immediate aftermath of their World Series loss to the San Francisco Giants. They'd remain the betting favorites until the Los Angeles Dodgers unseated them with their late-season run.

The odds are courtesy of R.J. Bell of and Bovada.

So could the Tigers be right back on the big stage next season?

"Of course. We were as good as anybody in the American League. We had as much talent as anybody. We could add all the facets of the game. It just didn’t work out for us. We should have all of that coming back next year. As long as everybody works hard in the offseason, comes out with the intensity and focus for next year, I don’t see why we can’t be back in the postseason," Max Scherzer said after the team's disappointing loss in Game 6 of the American League Championship Series, noting it takes a while to be able to get over a loss like that.
"Probably when the World Series is over. Then you can start appreciating the good things in 2013. Right now, you’re just numb to it. When you lose a game like this, you’re always extremely disappointed. You just replay every play in your mind: ‘What could I have done differently? What could I have done differently?’ That’s where, as professionals here, we try to learn from our mistakes, try to get better. Because hopefully we are in this situation again. Hopefully we can execute next time, and be the ones celebrating because we’re going to the World Series.

The Bovada odds:
Los Angeles Dodgers                            7/1
Detroit Tigers                                        9/1
Boston Red Sox                                   10/1
St. Louis Cardinals                                10/1
Washington Nationals                            10/1
Los Angeles Angels                              14/1
Atlanta Braves                                       16/1
Cincinnati Reds                                     16/1
New York Yankees                                16/1
Oakland Athletics                                  16/1
Tampa Bay Rays                                   16/1
Texas Rangers                                      16/1
San Francisco Giants                            18/1
Cleveland Indians                                  20/1
Baltimore Orioles                                   25/1
Pittsburgh Pirates                                  25/1
Toronto Blue Jays                                 25/1
Kansas City Royals                               33/1
Philadelphia Phillies                               33/1
Arizona Diamondbacks                          40/1
Chicago White Sox                                50/1
Milwaukee Brewers                                50/1
Seattle Mariners                                    50/1
Chicago Cubs                                       66/1
Colorado Rockies                                 66/1
San Diego Padres                                 66/1
Minnesota Twins                                    75/1
New York Mets                                      75/1
Miami Marlins                                        200/1
Houston Astros                                     250/1

The odds:
LA Dodgers5/1
Detroit Tigers8/1
Washington Nationals9/1
St Louis Cardinals10/1
Boston Red Sox12/1
Cincinnati Reds15/1
LL Angels15/1
Oakland Athletics15/1
NY Yankees16/1
Texas Rangers16/1
Atlanta Braves17/1
SF Giants22/1
Pittsburgh Pirates25/1
Baltimore Orioles28/1
Cleveland Indians28/1
Tampa Bay Rays29/1
KC Royals35/1
Chicago White Sox40/1
Philadelphia Phillies40/1
Arizona D'backs45/1
Toronto Blue Jays45/1
Chicago Cubs60/1
Seattle Mariners65/1
Colorado Rockies70/1
San Diego Padres70/1
Milwaukee Brewers75/1
New York Mets115/1
Miami Marlins125/1
Minnesota Twins125/1
Houston Astros250/1


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