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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chet Lemon honored to throw out first pitch

Holding with the theme of former greats throwing out first pitches prior to their postseason games, the Tigers brought Chet Lemon in to throw out the ceremonial pitch before Wednesday’s Game 4.

“I love it. This is great ... I talked to Dave (Dombrowski, the Tigers GM), and I think it’s an honor,” said Lemon, who knew Dombrowski back in his days with the Chicago White Sox. “To be back here, and see you guys, really it’s great. It’s an honor to throw out the first pitch.”

Lemon played his final nine seasons in Detroit, and was a member of playoff teams in 1984 and 1987. This year’s playoff run is just the second since Lemon’s retirement.

“I’m so excited for the Detroit Tigers, I really am, because I think it would be great for the city. You know, I know the Lions are doing great, they’re 5-0, and you’ve got the Tigers who have a great opportunity to win,” Lemon said. “Actually, I picked them to win the World (Series) championship, because I think just now it seems like the hungrier teams that always appear to do the best. Sometimes, when you get too many $20-million-a-year players, it gets to be a little harder, but when you get the teams that are really, really hungry, and want it, it appears to be the ones (that do well).”

Lemon noted the comparison with the 1984 Tigers, who used the hunger from a near-miss in 1983 to fuel them to a 35-5 start.

“Earlier, when I saw them doing well, it looked like they were separating themselves from the rest of the pack,” he said, “I just said, ‘Man, they appear to have all the necessary ingredients to win a World (Series) championship.’ ”

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