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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tigers get their 'huge' news: Cabrera gets medical clearance to return

Jim Leyland was on pins and needles, like a kid before Christmas.

Well, OK, not really, but the veteran manager WAS eagerly anticipating the report from Miguel Cabrera's medical evaluation on Tuesday morning, excited to get the good news that the reigning American League batting champ could return to the field.

Cabrera had been intentionally idled for a week after a grounder took a wicked hop and hit him in the face, opening a gash that required eight stitches, and causing a small fracture in the orbital bone in his right cheek.

"Tomorrow’s a big day. A big day. A huge day," Leyland said after Monday afternoon's game. "I’ll be anxiously awaiting to hear about that, I can tell you that. ... I know he feels good. You know he looks good. By his own admission, he’s not having any trouble seeing. His eyesight is perfect. So, it’s just in the hands of the medical people. What’s there that we don’t know about, the average people? We just don’t know."

The Tigers told reporters that Cabrera would work on conditioning on Tuesday, then likely resume baseball activities on Wednesday. Head trainer Kevin Rand would not give reporters a timetable on Cabrera's return to the field however.

"Still not sure when Cabrera will play but it will be soon — and that makes me feel real good," Leyland was quoted by the Detroit News' Tom Gage.

Regardless, Cabrera thinks he'll be ready for next week's season opener.

"I think so," he said Monday. "I’ll be ready. Don’t worry."

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