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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tigers awarded extra pick in MLB's Competitive Balance Lottery

The Detroit Tigers won the lottery Wednesday, awarded an extra pick in the 2013 Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft as a result of the first-ever Competitive Balance Lottery.

Wednesday’s drawing, a provision set up by the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, was designed to give the clubs in the bottom third of the league in both revenue and market size a competitive boost by giving them a chance to win extra draft picks. Each eligible team’s chances were proportional to the previous year’s winning percentage.

As one of the teams who received funds as part of the MLB revenue sharing program, the Tigers were eligible for the drawing for Round B picks, after the second round. They got the sixth and final pick in Wednesday’s draw. [An explanation of the process is here, along with the full results.]

Without factoring in the compensatory picks awarded to teams who lose free agents, that should equate to somewhere around the 72nd pick in the draft at this point.

The bonus for the CBL picks is that, for the first time in MLB history, they’re a tradable commodity, under certain restrictions.

In effect, Tuesday’s lottery win equates to another trade chip for the upcoming trade season, to go along with the prospects in the farm system.


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