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Friday, September 28, 2012

More from Doug Fister's AL record-setting afternoon

Doug Fister set a new American League record Thursday afternoon, striking out nine consecutive Royals batters, finishing one shy of the Major League Baseball record.

You can read the full story here.

Below is some reaction from his teammates, then at the bottom is a compilation of the sights and sounds that surrounded the afternoon, along with quite a bit of fan reaction to the accomplishment.

Don Kelly: "Doug pitched unbelievable."

Prince Fielder: "What you guys saw. There wasn’t that much contact. Even at the end when they got their runs, he got the ground balls, just in a tough spot down the line. I think he pitched excellent.”

Phil Coke: "Basically the way the game played out, you have Fister doing something that nobody’s done since 2001, roll through consecutive punch to set an American League record. It would have been cool if he got one more just because he would have tied the great Tom Seaver. He didn’t but he was unbelievable today. He was taking what he was given, which was pretty much the outside part of the plate, is what it looked like."
"For him to go out there and throw pretty much three pitches to every guy — and they were all strikes — that, in and of itself, was impressive. For him to do it like that against nine consecutive batters. ... I believe that (Salvador) Perez might’ve been just a hair lucky that he didn’t miss that ball because he had been wearing him all day. The fact that he was able to get a piece of that ball was a credit to Perez, but I think Doug really wanted that pitch and that would’ve been pretty cool to see him tie the great Tom Seaver."

Alex Avila:  "Well, if you look at his numbers, he’s always got a bunch of strikeouts, so it really shouldn’t surprise anybody when he’s got that five, six seven strikeouts in seven innings of work or something. He has good command, he’s able to manipulate, and change speeds on guys to where he gets swings and misses."

Manager Jim Leyland: "Well, he was really in synch. I don’t know if all the emotion caught up to him (in the eighth inning), or not.  He seemed to get a little bit out of synch. I don’t think he was getting tired. 
"Just an unbelievable performance, to set the record, for him. Great job. This is a crazy game, and it’s almost a shame, really, that he didn’t get the win.
"But the Tigers got the win, and right now, as always, that’s the most important thing."

Royals outfielder Jeff Francouer: "Fister, for those three innings was unreal. They (his pitches) were diving and darting everywhere.” 
“I knew we had a lot of guys who had struck out. But didn’t know it was that many until we saw it somewhere.”
“It’s crazy, to go through a whole lineup and strike everybody out. And I don’t think he threw more than four pitches to any of the batters.”


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