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Friday, October 19, 2012

What they're saying about the Tigers, pennant-clinching edition

TBS analyst John Smoltz:
“This whole series turned on a dime in Game 1 for what I think could have been a much different scenario in Game 4.The Tigers holding on after that historic comeback by the Yankees - winning that game, saving a teammate…changing the bullpen has turned this series into the 3-0 they got.”

TBS analyst Dennis Eckersley on the Yankees being swept: “This series was not about A-Rod. Everybody got sidetracked — and rightly so — because he’s the big name. It’s about Detroit — their starting pitchers. This city [Detroit] loves their baseball, loves their sports and they put on a show.”

TBS analyst Dennis Eckersley on the strength of the Detroit pitching staff throughout the ALCS: “Two earned runs. If they take this into the World Series, they’re unbeatable.”

TBS analyst Cal Ripken: “Detroit is a team you didn’t want to play. They didn’t get their act all together until right at the end. They are hot. They have the best pitcher in baseball, the Triple Crown winner…you don’t want to play them and I guess the Yankees figured that out.”

TBS analyst Dennis Eckersley:
“This guy brings it. He’s only had one start and he just looks like he is an amped guy to begin with. This kid is the real deal, he’s got nasty stuff….if he just doesn’t lose the strike zone.”

TBS analyst John Smoltz: “Right now Scherzer is on his game. He has eight strikeouts. You can tell he is intense with everything he has done. With the exception of a ‘Bull Durham’ pitch to Ichiro [Suzuki], he’s been around the plate and made the hitters think about the pitch he is going to throw.”

TBS analyst David Wells: “He was just painting those outside corners. It looked like they [Yankees] didn’t even have a chance at those pitches.”

TBS analyst Dennis Eckersley:
“He’s making a name for himself. You get an opportunity like this on the big stage; it goes such a long way. He’s one save away from being an MVP. This guy is special."

TBS analyst Dennis Eckersley: “It’s nice that they let him finish the game. He’s been a big part of the series – saving a couple ballgames early on. This is the way it should end, Phil Coke on the mound getting three more big outs.”


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