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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ESPN reports suspensions coming in Biogenesis case; Name of Tigers SS Peralta previously linked

ESPN reported Tuesday that, according to sources, Major League Baseball was preparing to suspend “about 20 players” in conjunction with the ongoing investigation of the now-closed Biogenesis lab.

The Detroit Tigers have to be hoping that the connection to shortstop Jhonny Peralta is too tenuous to merit a suspension.

Along with household names like Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez, Peralta’s name was found in the records of Biogenesis director Tony Bosch, but reportedly does not appear to be be directly linked to PEDs. The story was first broken by the Miami New Times in early February.

[UPDATED: MLBPA head Michael Weiner issued a statement Wednesday, saying that no decisions on discipline have been made by the commissioner's office, and won't be until an interview process has been completed.]

Peralta issued a statement through his attorney Barry Boss on Feb. 6, saying he’s never taken performance-enhancing drugs — “and anyone who says otherwise is lying.”

He reiterated that after Tuesday’s game, when approached.

“We have a tough job,” a reporter cautioned.

Peralta: “I know.”

But he still had no comment on the report.

“I don’t have no comment for that right now. I’m play(ing) baseball right now, and that’s my focus, to play right now,” he said. “I don’t really try to pay attention to what they say right now. I try to play this game.”

The Tigers would did not have an official comment on the matter Tuesday, same as in February, when they cited an ongoing MLB investigation.


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