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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quotes from ALCS Game 4

Tigers manager Jim Leyland on Austin Jackson getting caught stealing in the 10th
"Absolutely (he was going on his own). I agreed with it, 100 percent."

Leyland on atmosphere of Game 4
"It's one of the best baseball games I've ever been involved in. Great plays by both teams. We made some great plays. (Ramon) Santiago, (Brandon) Inge, Delmon Young made a great play. (Nelson) Cruz made a great play. One of the best games I've ever been involved with. Just didn't come out the right way."

Rangers catcher Mike Napoli on exciting ALCS
"It's been a great series. If you don't like baseball, you probably don't like it now, watching these games. We expected a tough series, and we've been able to come out on top. And it's been fun."

Leyland on Brandon Inge's game-tying home run in the 7th inning
"It was a dramatic home run, obviously, to tie the game up like it did. Like I said, this was a great baseball game. I'm certainly sorry we didn't win it, but they did a little better than we did."

Leyland on Tigers' prospects, down 3-1 in ALCS
"Well, you know, hopefully we got (Justin) Verlander, (Max) Scherzer and (Doug) Fister. So obviously, we got to win tomorrow. We're sending the guy out there that is obviously pretty good. You win tomorrow, and all of a sudden, it's 3-2. We can count — I know what the situation is. You wouldn't rather have anybody out there other than Justin Verlander. If you win that game, all of a sudden, it gets a little hair again, with Scherzer and Fister ready to go. So that's the way it is. Playoff baseball."

Tigers closer Jose Valverde on Tigers' 3-1 series deficit
"It’s no over yet, you know what I mean? Tomorrow’s a new day. You have to fight, and play. When Texas wins the next game, it’s over, but right now, it’s no over yet."

Tigers designated hitter Victor Martinez on Tigers' 3-1 series deficit
"There’s nothing impossible. I remember in ’07, we’ve (the Indians) got Boston, 3-1, they came back to beat us. So why we can’t do it, you know?"

Tigers OF Ryan Raburn on ALCS deficit
"We’re frustrated and disappointed. We’d rather this series be a little bit different, but we can’t change what’s happened in the past. We’ve just got to come out, play our hearts out, and get a win. ... This team’s playing their hearts out right now. We just haven’t been able to pull them out. But there’s nobody playing harder than we are."

Tigers 3B Brandon Inge on the Tigers being pushed to the brink of elimination
"There's no other page to do at this point, we have to go out there and win 'em all at this point. It's unfortunate, obviously, but we're still in it, we're still in it. There's still hope as long as you're able to show up to the ballpark another day in the postseason. So we just have to keep battling."

"That's baseball, though. It's amazing how a matter of an inch makes a difference in two or three runs and those two or three runs make a difference in 3-1 and being up three. That's why we love the game. Knowing that, we can still pull it out. It just takes a couple breaks going our way."

"It's hard, it's very hard. But a lot of us have been in that situation before so we should know how to handle it. It just takes a lot of guys on the team picking up the other guy, telling him to relax, go play, have fun. You can't be stressed out about this game. You have to go play and have fun."

"You can be frustrated all you want. But tomorrow the difference is, you can't carry that frustration into tomorrow. Tomorrow's a new day. You win tomorrow, you stay alive, you keep going. Maybe flip some momentum on them tomorrow. You just gotta keep pressing."

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