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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tigers pick up HS speedster Austin Schotts in third round

The Tigers selected another high school star — friends with their second-round pick, actually — from the state of Texas in the third round, drafting athlete Austin Schotts of Centennial High School.

The speed gives the smallish Schotts (5-foot-11, 180 pounds) great range at shortstop, but he may be headed to the outfield, thanks to a below-average arm. For reference, he was listed as a center fielder after the Tigers drafted him.

Here's the assessment of the player:
"Schotts has incredible speed to go along with great range at shortstop. He has an average arm, which might mean a move to second base or the outfield, but he will at least get a shot at shortstop in pro ball. He has a smooth swing that should allow him to hit for average at the next level. He also above-average power for a shortstop. Schotts is one of the more polished prep bats in the draft but could be a tough sign with a commitment to Oklahoma State."

Schotts (@austinschotts) tweeted: "Tigers Baby!!!!!!!!!"
The Tigers' second-round pick Justin Thompson replied: "Sounds like roommates hahahaha"
Schotts: "yeah buddy!!!!"

(Apparently, Schotts likes exclamation points!!!!!!)


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