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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tigers bring Peralta back to work out with team; no decision on activating him later

The Tigers have always left the door ajar, when dealing with the question of whether or not they’d bring back Jhonny Peralta after his suspension expired.

That door’s still cracked partway open, enough that Peralta could wander back in, and rejoin his teammates for workouts.

The franchise announced Tuesday evening that Peralta would be returning to the club Wednesday to work out, but no decision has been made about whether or not they’d activate him for the playoffs.

The full text of the release:

“In accordance with the protocols outlined by Major League Baseball’s collective bargaining agreement, Jhonny Peralta will join the club for workouts in Chicago beginning on Wednesday. There has been no decision made regarding Peralta’s return to the active roster. It is an organizational decision to allow Jhonny to workout with the club in order to see if it will be in the best interest of the team to have him return at the end of his suspension.”

Peralta was suspended 50 games on Aug. 5 for violations of the MLB Joint Drug Agreement. His suspension will expire on Sept. 27.

General manager Dave Dombrowski, who’d steadfastly maintained his silence on the question since Peralta’s suspension, told reporters in Chicago Tuesday that the decision to bring back Peralta has nothing to do with the health of starting shortstop Jose Iglesias or anyone else. He also said that Peralta will not be brought back to resume his role as the team’s starting shortstop, and will work out at multiple positions.

Since the Tigers do not have any affiliates still active in the minor league postseason, the only possibilities for Peralta to get back in shape are to rejoin the Tigers, or head to instructional league.

Dombrowski told reporters Peralta will address the team before batting practice on Wednesday.


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