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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More good news on Victor Martinez; late June MRI will determine return

Designated hitter Victor Martinez, who's been sidelined since an offseason knee injury that required microfracture surgery to repair, was in Detroit for the key divisional series against the Indians, ready to hang out with his teammates in the dugout and cheer them on.

That's the best he can do, for now.

"At least, I can practice some of the cheerleading. It’s always good to be here. Always good to be here in the clubhouse and the dugout," Martinez said before Tuesday's game. "At least give your teammates some inspiration or something."

The best inspiration that Martinez might give the Tigers (and Tigers fans) would be if he gets more good news at the end of this month. VMart is scheduled to head to Vail, Colo., where Dr. Richard Steadman will do an MRI to check on the health of his surgically repaired left knee.

"Now, this time, they’re going to do the MRI. That’s the one that’s going to dictate when I’m ready start running. We’ll see, maybe September is in the picture," Martinez said. "It’s all good news."

At least so far. 

"I feel walking really good. Sometimes I feel like running, but not quite. I have to wait. I’ve been doing a lot of stuff – exercises in the pool. They get you tired. And, then at the same time, doing the leg stands," said Martinez, who works with a physical trainer in Orlando, but brings his workout regimen with him on trips like this one.

Martinez was in the clubhouse before Tuesday's game, playing catch with Prince Fielder's sons, Jadyn and Haven, much like he had with his own son, Victor Jose, at times last year.

While the injury has given VMart more time to spend with his family, it's also been agonizing.

 "I think I miss it more than him, but he misses it, too. Last time, I came and this time and he stayed home. He was a little pissed. He wanted to come, but he has to stay home for school," Martinez said.

"That’s been one of the greatest things to happen after this. Spend time with the family and get to see the kids doing their stuff. My daughter is doing her cheerleading thing now. They keep me a little bit and it’s a distraction at the same time. ...

"To be honest, I watch some games, but it’s tough. I watch a game and then I start grabbing bats in my house. It’s frustrating. It’s hard to watch them. You want to be apart of it for sure. Watching your teammates play hard everyday and not being able to be with your teammates is tough."


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